Your cellar: Tart wild ales

The tartness of bottled wild ales tends to follow a pattern, rising in the first few years and slowly ebbing as time wears on. With some creative cellaring, you can become a master of acidity.

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Cellar this: beers brewed with raisins

Malt-focused beers often develop a raisiny character after a few years; fuse this age-derived flavor with one gleaned from actual raisin additions for an extra scoop of sun-dried scrumptiousness.

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From the Cellar: Wicked Weed Dark Arts 2014 and 2016

A tale of two wild and barrel-accented imperial stouts.

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Our cellar: 2016 goes out with a bang

We raid our cellar to toast auld lang syne.

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Your cellar: High-octane Averys

Many of Avery Brewing Co.’s special releases showcase super-high ABVs, but even the most intense ales will mellow out with some extra mileage.

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From the cellar: Russian River Supplication 2011

Is five years the sweet spot for this pinot noir-aged sour? Only one way to find out.

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Tasting Surly Damien 2016, Darkness 2016, Darkness 2015 and Darkness 2011

Checking in on the vaunted Russian Imperial Stout at fresh bottling, one year and five years.

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Cellar me timbers: Two rum-aged imperial stouts to stow away

There be ageable beer in these bottles.

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From the cellar: Saint Arnold Bishop’s Barrel 2 and 3

With Bishop’s Barrel 15 having dropped Monday, we dove deep into the cellar to see how earlier releases from the Houston brewery had developed.

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From our cellar: 3 vintage cherry beers

Putting an aged cherry stout, lambic and Flanders red to the test.

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