Pét-nat cider applies wine’s hippest technique to apples

Natural wines are all the rage—now cider is in on it, too.

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Spanish cider from American soil

With the release of first-of-their kind Spanish cider apple varieties into the U.S., American cider makers have an entirely new set of tools at their fingertips.

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Five cider statistic takeaways from CiderCon 2017

Where cider trends are headed, who’s drinking cider and how it compares to beer.

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Wild-fermented ciders court sour beer drinkers

Fans of tart, fruited and funky beer will find familiar flavors here.

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What the heck is keeved cider?

We tap a cider maker to tell us all about the weird, old, jelly-filled practice of keeving.

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9 openings that prove Milwaukee is seeing a serious beer boom

Breweries, brewpubs and even a cider bar are all open or in planning as of summer 2016.

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Brace yourselves, the first cold-brew coffee nitro hard cider is coming

Is a blend of apples and coffee weird, delicious or both?

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Flavors we love: Heat meets sweet

We did the math: Chilies plus fruit equals warm-weather deliciousness.

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The great beerification of cider

Hops, cans and other ways American craft cider is following the beer playbook.

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6 new hard cider statistics from CiderCon 2016

Is cider as a whole growing or slowing?

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