25 breweries on the rise

All less than five years old, these breweries are poised to make their marks on American beer in the coming decade.

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Putting down roots

Trees’ influence on beer isn’t limited to barrels. Today, brewers go whole log, using needles, sap, leaves and bark to create beers born of their surroundings.

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Love bites: How Mekelburg’s became a Brooklyn beer and gourmet mecca

One of Brooklyn’s best dining and drinking spots triumphs over square footage.

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The great beerification of cider

Hops, cans and other ways American craft cider is following the beer playbook.

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Lithuania and its peculiar, little-known farmhouse ales

Like a time machine, Lithuania’s rustic, traditional kaimiskas offer a portal to an era before industrialization. And you can drink them today.

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Renaissance Maine: One heck of party at Funky Bow Brewery

Rural Maine’s do-it-all man Paul Lorrain has a green thumb for business—and playing host.

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Why are beer people so outraged?

Beer people are pissed off, especially online. Might cooler heads eventually prevail?

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Sixer: Smoked beers from sour to savory

Crack these smoked beers now— in the dead of winter, a hint of fireplace is hardly unwelcome.

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Is flat beer about to become a thing?

Inspired by intentionally still Belgian lambics, a few American breweries are experimenting with making beer sans bubbles.

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Meet NYC’s draft beer whisperer

Whether he’s custom-building draft systems or growler fillers, Ben Granger is out to prove that carbonation is beer’s crucial fifth ingredient.

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