The Mile High City has reached new heights, thanks to energetic urban renewal and a surge of award-winning breweries.

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Hops, waterfalls, hiking and beer: Plenty of reasons to visit this Pacific Northwest gem in fall.

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He’s been in the saddle at Anchor Brewing for 44 years, rising to the role of brewmaster when Fritz Maytag retired in 2010. In his free time, the 72-year-old takes the reins in a different arena.

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Famous for his off-centered ales, the Dogfish Head owner finds balance on his paddleboard and works to conserve the ocean he rides.

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From reporting in Beirut to opening Brooklyn Brewery in the ’80s, this former war correspondent has quite a story to tell.

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It follows suit that the man who owns Boston Beer Co., one of the nation’s largest craft breweries, has literally been on top of the world.

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As Mexican craft beer slowly finds its footing, American brewers pluck flavor inspiration from South-of-the-border tables.

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New Zealanders flip for Garage Project’s small-batch releases—finally, Americans can get their hands on the goods.

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For years, the Liberty Bell’s city has been nearly as steeped in beer as it is in history. A new wave of neighborhood bars keep the momentum rolling.

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Most pubs have a burger on their menus, but there is a separate category of spots that turn buns into a canvas for indulgent extras and top-quality meat. Line those burgers up alongside a killer beer list, and the whole package becomes totally irresistible.

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