America loves beer and kids (just not always at the same time)

Call it the Great Babies in Bars Debate: Is it perfectly fine or utterly unforgivable for parents to bring their tykes to the tavern? When balancing American convention with common sense, it helps to look at families abroad.

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Brewery to watch: Collective Arts Brewing

Mix equal parts beer, art, and music, all with love from Canada.

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London’s bubbling beer scene is worth a fresh look

One of Europe’s historic brewing cities offers everything you’d want from a summer beer trip abroad—traditional taverns on one hand, boundary-pushing brews on the other.

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Seasonal sipping: A need for mead

Guess which alcoholic beverage is the fastest growing in the country, boasting a huge 150 percent leap last year? Not craft beer. Not small-batch whiskey. Not cider.



These exemplary beers are about the flavor they’ve packed in—not just what they’ve left out.

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Brewery to Watch: Adelbert’s

A fresh upstart looks to keep Austin’s beer scene weird.

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From leg to liver, here are the keys to mastering charcuterie.

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Learning to speak cerveza

Spain’s food and drink landscape is as rich with history as it is with innovation, but the country as a whole has lagged behind in beer… until now.

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14 best new beer restaurants

The best of the new crop of beer-savvy restaurants proves there’s no cuisine that beer can’t complement.

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Kölsches and sushi, double IPAs with dessert, and more genius food-and-beer ideas.

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