Whether you’re hosting a football bash or backyard barbecue, these easy, beer-infused appetizers are the quickest, simplest way to elevate your party.


We know the flavoring power that h. Lupulus has when added to beer, but these potent cones can also kick up non-brewed food and beverages.

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If a few months of rest in a used spirits barrel can drastically augment the flavor of a beer, just imagine what it can do for your other favorite ingestibles.

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Denver chef Jensen Cummings brings kitchen confidence to beer.

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These spots pair stellar beer lists with some of the best wurst around.

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Yes, consider this gallery a humblebrag.

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Florets finally get their moment in the spotlight this year as chefs explore cauliflower’s indulgent side by double-frying it, dousing it in buffalo sauce or serving it up kung-pao.

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Why choose between great food and great beer? There’s no compromise at these buzzy spots.

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It’s time to ditch your standard ketchup, mustard and relish and try these delicious dips, sauces and spreads.

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These simple apps take minutes to make; add in the perfect beer and your festivities will last for hours.

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