The fried chicken trend is no flash in the pan

Here are select styles of this down-to-earth dish.

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A global guide to beer and head cheese

Win (or lose) friends with brawn and potted meats.

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Best breakfasts: Las Vegas

Crazy Las Vegas nights easily turn into rough Las Vegas mornings; good thing the city also offers several killer spots for a revitalizing morning meal.

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“From the heart” is great; “made with beer” is even better. These simple, giftable recipes are both.

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6 Thanksgiving recipes, all made with beer

There’s a brew in every one of these dishes, from lambic-cranberry sauce to roast turkey breast with dubbel gravy.

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Hot tables: The best seats in beer right now

Pair your pint with Carolina barbecue, Cuban sandwiches and more at these buzzy spots.

Bar-snackology: What are we munching on?

From Bavaria’s obatzda cheese to Thailand’s khan mu, check out this international menu of noteworthy nibbles.

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Hot tables: The best seats in beer right now

Where to find equally delicious food and brews

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Best breakfasts: Minneapolis

Start your day at one of these brunch spots and you’ll set yourself up for brewery-hopping success.

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You can make ice cream. With beer. (Even if you don’t have an ice cream maker!)

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