Is Brut IPA the New NEIPA?

In which the man from the Emerald Isle introduces a new video series, Beer Talk Tuesdays, and in the inaugural installment tastes and tackles …

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A guide to Alberta’s beer highlights

Where to eat, drink and explore the best of the Calgary and Edmonton beer scenes.

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Alberta’s breweries stretch their legs

As restrictive laws change, Calgary brewers lead a province-wide beer bonanaza—and make up for lost time.

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How America fell in love with Mexican beer

There’s more to the explosive popularity of Pacifico, Corona and other Mexican imports than a growing Hispanic population.

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3 new German imports just right for spring

Transition to sunnier weather with crisp, flavorful German lagers.

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Montreal’s hop project

The city celebrates its 375th anniversary this year with some new beers—made by local brewers with hops grown by Montreal residents.

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Genever: where gin meets whiskey (sort of)

Although not widely known in the U.S., this botanical, malt-based spirit is making a comeback.

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Beer at the end of the world

A trek to the world’s southernmost brewery and the most remote brewery in the world prove that beer really is everywhere.

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Kveik: The hottest new centuries-old beer yeast you’ve never heard of

American brewers are catching on to what’s been known in Norway for centuries: This stuff can make some fantastic beer.

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Exchange programs bring European perspectives to American brewhouses

“Both of us understand the explanation of the other one by having a look at the machinery rather than Google Translate.”

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