The new hot bar snack is … cauliflower?

Florets finally get their moment in the spotlight this year as chefs explore cauliflower’s indulgent side by double-frying it, dousing it in buffalo sauce or serving it up kung-pao.

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Why Old Nation Brewery traded altbier for New England IPA—and hasn’t looked back since

“We had hated this style so much on principle that we had to find something to love about it.”

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This is why my brewery shut down

The owners of five breweries that closed or have been put up for sale in the past year explain just what went wrong.

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The best beers we tasted this week

DRAFT’s editors taste dozens of new beers each week. These were our favorites.

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Michigan’s Short’s Brewing Co. sells 20 percent stake to Lagunitas Brewing Co.

Heineken gets into craft beer’s shorts.

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5 awesome beer day trips from coast to coast

Looking to get out of town for a brewery adventure, but don’t have more than a day? These itineraries have you covered.

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More breweries than ever are sharing their beer recipes with the world

Make your own damn Pliny.

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Six fruit meads to try right now

Today’s mead makers utilize a variety of fruits to imbue their creations with color and flavor, so there’s no wanting for selection. Grab these six melomels while they’re in season.

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Your cellar: Tart wild ales

The tartness of bottled wild ales tends to follow a pattern, rising in the first few years and slowly ebbing as time wears on. With some creative cellaring, you can become a master of acidity.

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“The problem is that the BA continues to refuse to let the consumer make up their own mind and tries to make it up for them.”

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