Although not widely known in the U.S., this botanical, malt-based spirit is making a comeback.

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You may not have heard of the Bolivian-born spirit singani, but it has fans worldwide, including one Hollywood heavyweight.

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These beers pay homage to cocktails from a Pimm’s Cup to a Manhattan

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Campfire weather may be in the rearview, but smoky flavors are completely at home on winter cocktail menus.

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A French spirit with Scottish soul

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Sk├Âll and Rune beers are designed specifically to pick out secondary flavors of Highland Park’s Scotch whisky.

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A tradition of illicit whiskey isn’t unique to the States.


Tiki bars and their umbrella-spiked culture have seen a more polished revival over the past few years, but these drinks should never be taken too seriously.

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OK, you’ve got the meal pairing down, but what should you drink before and after dinner arrives?

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No upturned bottle here; this recipe retains the best of both beer and tequila for a most sophisticated spin.

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