Trending: foods flavored with hops

We know the flavoring power that h. Lupulus has when added to beer, but these potent cones can also kick up non-brewed food and beverages.

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Brett lagers aren’t an oxymoron

Lagering and mixed fermentation can coexist in delicious ways

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Beertown: Tucson, Arizona

Beer down, Arizona.

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4 take-away trends from Great American Beer Festival 2017

Subtlety reigned at GABF. Except when it didn’t.

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Brewed Food rewrites the rules of culinary fermentation and beer dinners

Denver chef Jensen Cummings brings kitchen confidence to beer.

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Like lambic? You need to meet its little brother, meerts

As few as two U.S. breweries produce this refreshing sibling to lambic.

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Purpose Brewing hosts its grand opening, tapping plenty of “salt and pepper” beers

Beers with mushrooms, hibiscus, yuzu and plenty of barrel influence await.

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Ex-Jester King duo on a winding road to open Garden Path Fermentation

Snafus challenge the Washington State brewery/cidery/winery’s opening timeline.

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Tour de Portland

There’s tourism — and then there is beer tourism. Every major city has its niche. Chicago is jazzy, New York never sleeps, Paris falls …

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Pubs we love: Sausage and beer bars

These spots pair stellar beer lists with some of the best wurst around.

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