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The owners of five breweries that closed or have been put up for sale in the past year explain just what went wrong.

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The symbol is intended to differentiate independent breweries from those owned by Big Beer. Will it work?

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Bouckaert reflects on 21 years at New Belgium and what’s ahead in his new role at Purpose Brewing and Cellars.

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Looking for a compelling, true-to-style porter? Your search is over.

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The best way to show your Hawaiian spirit in the surf

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Keep your eyes on the musical lineups at these new brewery venues from coast to coast.

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New beer legislation could make it easier for brewers to make and sell their beers—and easier for you to drink it.

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The San Francisco-based brewery is financially insolvent, it announced on its website Friday.

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The majority of its offerings will fall between 2.5% and 5% ABV.

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