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Continuing story of cider

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In our current issue, we took a look at the world of artisanal cider, a beverage that’s experiencing something of a renaissance as craft drinkers venture beyond beer. For the article, we met a ton of interesting folks, from Diane Flynt, who’s trying to bring back near-lost apple varieties native to southern Virginia at her Foggy Ridge orchard and cider house, to Paul Thomas, who employs state-of-the-art technology to produce his Julian Cider brand in California. If you’re still thirsty for more cider news after reading the article, check out this cool stuff:

* Leprechaun Cider Co.: One of the most surprising stories in cider is Jack Schiffer, founder of Leprechaun in Houston. The reason? He’s only 22, and I’m guessing we’re going to see a lot more of him in the future. Schiffer’s got a noticeable passion for the drink and he’s not afraid to experiment: On top of his Golden Cider—a small leap from the sweeter ciders out there—and his traditional dry cider, he’s also put out fruit-spiked versions using cranberry, pomegranate and, most recently, strawberry.

* New Angry Orchard Releases: By now, you’ve probably sampled—or at least heard about—Boston Beer Co.’s line of cider, Angry Orchard. In September, the company released the first two offerings in its Cider House Collection, which blend Italian and French apples, are fermented with wine yeast and aged in oak barrels. Iceman (toffee-sweet with threads of vanilla) and Strawman (floral with hints of dark fruit and oak) are out now in 750mL bottles for about $15 a pop.

* Pumpkin Cider: This year, Woodchuck released a rather unusual cider: Private Reserve Pumpkin, and it’s incredibly reminiscent of the fall season. Sweet, ripe apple blends with hints of toffee while an intriguing pumpkin flavor sneaks through the profile before blooming in the finish. This is fun cider, so definitely pick up a bottle or two.


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  • Jobe says:

    Hi, I have recently reeutnrd back to the UK after 7 years and am amazed on the selection of various flavoured ciders on the market.One favorite I came across was Brothers Cider Toffee Apple flavour.As Brothers say it carries a whiff of smouldering toffee, cinnamon,cloves and cream soda. Perfect for Halloween or Bonfire night.

  • Brianna says:

    I love Leprechaun Cider! The owner’s name is Jake Schiffer

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