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5 beer gadgets you can crowdfund now



If you’ve got some extra cash, these beer-minded companies are looking for help: Take a look at what’s available on crowdfunding sites.

PicoBrew’s Pico
What it is: Basically, a beer Keurig.

The details: Designed to brew a 5-liter batch of beer at home, the Pico (pictured above) is a a smaller, lighter version of PicoBrew’s successful Zymatic countertop homebrewing device. It uses prepackaged, ready-to-brew ingredient kits called “PicoPaks” (similar to Keurig’s K-Cups) with ready-made recipes for beers from more than 50 craft breweries including Rogue, Madtree, Dieu du Ciel, Tallgrass and High Water.

The campaign: PicoBrew plans to sell the device for $999 in the spring, but a limited-time pledge of $559 lands a Pico and one PicoPak during the Kickstarter campaign. It’s already garnered more than $900,000 in preorders through Kickstarter.

What it is: Another compact brewing appliance, developed in Budapest, Hungary.

The details: Users order a recipe from an online database, which arrives in in a “Brewie Pad,” essentially a package of hops, malt and yeast along with an RFID card that you touch to the automated homebrewing machine to tell it what to brew. (Homebrewers also have the option of mixing their own ingredients into a muslin bag.) The smartphone-enabled system allows further customization tweaks, such as boiling temperature and time and amount for hop additions.

The campaign: After a successful first-run funding campaign in February, the Brewie is now available for $1,749 through Nov. 27 during its Indiegogo InDemand push.

What it is: A countertop beer-making machine from Amsterdam.

The details: You could set this little guy up right next to your coffee maker: Simplifying the homebrewing process into an all-in-one, app-controlled device, the MiniBrew has a 1.3-gallon bronze boiling/fermentation tank that doubles as a portable keg, so once the brewing is complete, users can attach a tap and a detachable CO2 cartridge and bring their fresh beer straight to the party.

The campaign: Early-bird preorders on the Indiegogo campaign are sold out, so backers will have to spend $2,250 if they want a MiniBrew device and one keg.

AlmondIPABar2ReGrained bars
What they are: Baked goods made from spent grains.

The details: A pair of sustainable food entrepreneurs developed ReGrained bars in two flavors, Chocolate Coffee Stout and Honey Almond IPA. The grain’s  sourced from three Bay Area breweries: Triple Voodoo, Magnolia and 21st Amendment.

The campaign: The bars are already for sale through ReGrained’s website, Amazon and a handful of other online retailers, but co-founder Dan Kurzrock hopes the startup’s Barnraiser campaign will enable them to scale up and automate production (currently each bar is baked and packaged by hand). A $15 pledge gets backers a sample pack of one of each bar; a six-pack of the snacks plus an “Eat Beer” cookie mix is available for a $30 early-bird special.


Oak Bottle
What it is: As billed, an oak bottle.

The details: Touted as a quick way to “barrel-age” beer, wine or spirits at home, Oak Bottles are crafted from American white oak that’s been charred like the large barrels and impart liquids with smooth, oaky flavors within just 24 to 48 hours.

The campaign: Oak Bottle wrapped up a successful Kickstarter campaign last week, and the products are already available on the company’s website. A 355-mL Oak Bottle Mini costs about $60 while the larger 750-mL version sells for $80. Oak Bottles infused with flavors ranging from chocolate to citrus are also available for $90.



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