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Deschutes race awarding weight in beer

Participants run 1K laps and drink Pacific Wonderland Lager
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Deschutes Brewery is capitalizing on the popularity of the beer mile with a race of its own, and the winning team will take home its weight in beer.

The Oregon brewery is hosting the Brewers Cup Relay, a 4-kilometer race for teams of two or four runners. Participants will run a 1K lap and drink a Pacific Wonderland Lager before tagging a teammate to repeat the process.

There’s also a division for breweries to compete—all team members must be currently employed at the same brewery—with 100 percent of the proceeds donated to a charity of the brewery’s choice.

Prizes include winning the team’s weight in Deschutes Brewery Pacific Wonderland Lager; Deschutes Brewery Public House gift certificates; and Deschutes Brewery swag.

The relay will take place on February 4th after the 2017 Cross Country championships in Bend, Oregon. Sign up here.


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