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Download this: Beer Trucker


I’m a sucker for light-hearted simulation games—I can’t bring myself to tally the many airport layover hours I’ve spent directing take-offs and landings in the addictive Air Traffic Controller game for the iPhone. So, naturally, given my affinity for everything beer, I downloaded the newly released Beer Trucker PRO (the upgraded $1.99 installment of the previously free version) with firm belief that I’d be making a virtual career switch from airplane navigator to beer producer.

The premise is pretty simple: You’re the owner of a brewery, and the mission is to make money and advance to the next level. This is achieved by buying pubs, setting delivery routes and making sure those trucks don’t crash into each other (I’ve spilled quite a bit of beer already). If a pub runs out of beer, you lose ownership. If you keep them happy, the money starts piling up fast. The benchmarks needed to advance increase with each level (e.g., the number of pubs owned and money in the bank) and the routes get increasingly more difficult to traverse. So far, I’ve made it through level two. In all fairness, though, I’m at work.

For more, check out the video review above from the YouTube channel Alex’s iOS Game Reviews.

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