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Drink a running-themed beer

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After a long run, there’s nothing more refreshing than a cold beer.

You can relax with a Negative Split Stout following a track workout, or drink a Pre-HOPtaine in honor of one of running’s greatest rebel legends from Ghost Runners Brewery.

If the wind was always at your back then Big Boss Run Club’s Tail Wind IPA might seem appropriate.

If you find yourself in that state of post-run bliss, then the Lagunitas Runner’s HIGH-P-A brewed in honor of the Chicago Area Runners Association might be for you.

The point is there is no shortage of running-themed beer offerings for those who are into both craft brewing culture and an active lifestyle.

As craft beer and running culture have grown together, we’ve seen plenty examples where the two intersect: running groups with their own beer, a running store with 20 taps on the premises and breweries that make a specialty brew for marathons.

Ghost Runners Brewery is an entire brewery inspired by running, founded in Vancouver by neighbors Jeff Seibel and Rob Ziebell to combine the friends’ favorite passions.

“Ghost running describes the mental high that is achieved through running,” the brewery’s website states. “It is the feeling that the weight of the world has been lifted, and the freedom to experience joy in the moment.”

Being a beer runner is about exploring, pushing your boundaries and trying new things. That means appreciating different styles of beer, which includes the burgeoning category of running-inspired beers.


Week 6 #BeerFit CHALLENGE.

Find yourself a running-themed beer to treat yourself after your workout such as the BlueMile Extra Pale Ale from Flat12 Bierwerks, the Pace Setter Belgian Style Wit from Mavericks, or brew your own and add it to Untapped.

Post your group on Instagram and Twitter with the hashtag #BeerFit


I write about beer and running for @DRAFTMag. I ran and drank beer every day for 3 years.


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