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Drink in that beard

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See that beard? That’s Rogue brewmaster John Maier’s beard and it’s quite impressive. I wonder what it feels like to wear that thing for the past 34 years?

I bet you’re wondering what it tastes like.

Next year, we’ll all get the chance to sample the flavorful nuances of Maier’s beard—sort of. Rogue recently announced they plan to construct a beer called New Crustacean, fermented with a wild yeast strain discovered in those whiskers. The brewery partnered with yeast supplier and fermentation consultant White Labs to see if there was a viable yeast strain hiding out in the brewmaster’s facial hair and—luckily for all of us—there was. Casually referred to as “beard beer,” New Crustacean will likely be the first human terroir brew craft beer fans have ever had the pleasure of sipping when it’s released next year. Yum.

Sure, we’ve all done silly things with our facial hair, but this definitely takes the cake.

Are you burly enough to toss back a pint of beard beer?

[Image courtesy of Rogue Ales]


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