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Dust Bowl Black Blizzard Russian Imperial Stout

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Your Daily Pint for Tuesday, November 19, 2013: Dust Bowl Black Blizzard Russian Imperial Stout

What it is: A 9.4%-ABV Russian imperial stout.

What it tastes like: It’s one of the most thoughtfully brewed imperial stouts we’ve sipped in a while; rather than playing up malty, boozy sweetness, the beer instead highlights its dryness, with bitter dark chocolate, coffee beans and a smoky, cigarlike roast. Drinkers don’t tend to equate dryness with liveliness, but this beer’s sharp and quick.

Let’s step back in time:  Way, way back in 2006, Dust Bowl’s founder/owner Brett Tate read about Don Oliver in the paper (yes, in 2006, people still read newspapers) because he had just won the Sam Adams Long Shot competition. Brett connected with him, and together they started the brewery.

Drink now because: In some places, the winds are picking up and the first inklings of snow flurries are swirling in the air. This is a winter brew, and a reminder of why we love ourselves a cold November night.

Pair with: A charred steak, a chocolate mousse and a cigar. In that order.



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