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Dust Bowl Son of Wrath

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Your Daily Pint for Sunday, November 10, 2013, is: DUST BOWL SON OF WRATH

What it is: A 9.5%-ABV imperial IPA.

What it tastes like: Megahops. A caramel-and-orange aroma heralds a loud, muscular swallow of piney hops (with a touch of grapefruit). Prickly bitterness is smartly balanced by a hefty malt foundation of caramel and toast.

Family tree: This is the bigger, badder version of the brewery’s Hops of Wrath IPA, and a sibling to Therapist Imperial IPA, a 10.4% imperial with an even bolder profile and a hint of wheat.

Don’t fight: Beer drinkers love to fight it out over which imperial IPA’s better. The answer: ALL OF THEM.



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