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Eddyline Brewery: a river runs through it

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Like the rest of Buena Vista, Colo., Eddyline Restaurant & Brewery largely owes its existence to the world-class whitewater of the Arkansas River, which tumbles within earshot of the brewery and attracts thousands of thrillseekers. This laid-back brewpub reflects the town’s Rocky Mountain river culture: A dangling raft presides over the airy dining room, the beer sampler is served on a locally crafted paddle, and even its name is derived from a river feature. Founded in 2009 by outdoor junkies Mic and Molley Heynekamp, the taps at Eddyline are dedicated to Mic’s creations, like the nutty, vaguely sweet Kickin’ Back Amber; the crisp, grapefruit-filled Midland Trail Pale Ale; and the impenetrably dark, coffee-noted Pine Creek Porter. The menu sources backyard ingredients, like grass-fed beef raised nine miles away. 926 S. Main St., eddylinebrewery.com -Sarah L. Stewart

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