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‘Epic beer run’ planned as firestorm fundraiser

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Photo via Facebook

Photo via Facebook

“I’m going for an epic beer run.”

With those words, beer writer and co-founder of RunTOBeer craft beer running club Dan Grant announced plans to run across Toronto to raise funds for Canada’s Fort McMurray wild fire relief efforts.

Grant is planning his run for June 16th and will stop at 21 locally owned breweries, pausing long enough to sample craft beer at all that are open. In all, he plans to cover 50K of trails and streets.

“If breweries can collect for me on that day,” he writes on his blog BrewScout, “I’ll transfer 100 percent of the proceeds to the Canadian Red Cross relief efforts for Fort McMurray and share the total with whatever media are interested in a good news story from Toronto’s independent brewers.”

Grant will also collection donations at the post-run pub visits at upcoming RunTOBeer events. All donations will be given to the Canadian Red Cross.

When he’s not writing about beer or fundraising, Grant keeps pace with RunTOBeer, the group he co-founded that offers 3, 5, and 10K runs to Toronto’s craft beer establishments. RunTOBeer strives to “offer a chance to add distance to [runners’] regular training programs while also taking time to celebrate with the best Ontario craft beer,” and “offers an inclusive atmosphere, where no one is left behind.”

“Beer may be the primary motivator,” the group description states. “But equally as powerful is a group of friendly and supportive runners.”

So far, he’s finding others want to work with him on the fundraiser, and in the future.

“Within minutes of launching my blog post I already had breweries tweeting that they wanted to help,” he wrote on his blog. “I might not end up collecting a fortune, but considering I was going to run it anyway, I’m happy to give my day a greater purpose.”

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