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Expansion Report: Dogfish Head, Dust Bowl, and Lakefront

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This month: Dogfish Head gets spirited, Dust Bowl finally gets a tasting room, and Lakefront moves on a second facility.

Unless you live in Delaware, you probably haven’t sipped the ultra-limited spirits Dogfish Head distills on the second floor of its Rehoboth Beach brewpub (you probably didn’t even know it distilled liquor). That’s about to change: The brewery’s currently building out a new distillery in its Milton brewery, complete with twin 500-gallon copper pots and a 26-foot column still. Helmed by head distiller Graham Hamblett, whom the brewery hired earlier this year, the new distillery will begin releasing spirits like Brown Honey Rum and Dogfish Head Jin (infused with hops), as well as other TBD recipes, as early as next spring throughout Delaware, New York City and mid-Atlantic markets. If you do stop by the brewery to see the new setup, make sure to book a night at its new Dogfish Inn.

In 2011, then 3-year-old Dust Bowl opened a taproom restaurant in downtown Turlock, Calif., so its fans could finally find a variety of its beers in one location. As early as summer 2015, Dust Bowl followers will finally be able to drink the beer at the source. The brewery’s slated to start construction on a new 30,000-sq.-ft. facility in November that will not only quadruple its production to an initial 17,000 annual barrels, but also house an indoor/outdoor tasting room where guests can sip samples like Hops of Wrath, Son of Wrath and Black Blizzard.

The Milwaukee brewery’s been eyeing a potential expansion for a while, but now it looks like it’s finally going to happen. In late August, the brewery announced it was purchasing a vacant building just up the street from its current location along the Milwaukee River, and last week the city’s Board of Zoning approved the building’s use for brewing operations. According to owner Russ Klisch, the company’s “taking a very measured approach to the expansion,” so it’s going to be gradual, but here’s what we know: The brewery will relocate its packaging lines and some fermentation tanks to the new facility, which will open up space in the original location for an expanded barrel-aging program (more barrel-aged beers!). Watch for this to develop over the next year.

Each month, Expansion Report highlights growing craft breweries and how beer drinkers stand to benefit (hint: more beer!).


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