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Figueroa Mountain Biere de Menage

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Your Daily Pint for Saturday, June 14, 2014, is: FIGUEROA MOUNTAIN BIERE DE MENAGE

What it is: A biere de garde aged in oak with Sauvignon Blanc must

What it tastes like: The wine qualities of this beer are its most striking feature. It starts out as a dead-ringer for a sweet Sauvignon Blanc with some flowery white peach notes that carry through the swallow. The graininess and caramel notes become evident mid-sip, lending some beery heft; it’s an excellent moment to see beer-wine interplay at its finest. The finish is a touch licorcey/boozey, but still clean and pleasant, for a rather stunning beer.

Beer and wine, foes no more: Way back when, it seemed that there were “beer people” and “wine people,” and ‘twixt the two no common ground could be found. Now, there are a nice number of brews that play both sides; they’re aged in wine barrels or have must additions, marrying the best of grape and grain and proving that, together, beer and wine can be like peas and carrots.



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