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Last March, some friends and I traveled to Anegada, one of the British Virgin Islands, for the kiteboarding trip of a lifetime. One of our buddies, Madison Van Huerck, a professional kiteboarder, and his parents, both helicopter pilots, picked us up in Puerto Rico and flew us to the island.

Anegada is relatively secluded—only a few hundred people live there full-time—so you kind of have to bring your own party. Captain Dean (a local sea-faring friend) loaded up a massive boat with food, beer and more friends and met us on the beach as soon as we arrived.

We were with ten other kiteboarders, so naturally we spent the whole day kiteboarding and having a great time. The isolated, flat water was ideal for doing tricks, and we kiteboarded out to the reef to catch incredible waves. It was a really good spot. Our group started an upwind ride that lasted a couple of miles. After a few of hours of pure exertion, we spotted the nearest shore and landed our kites on the beach.

Right on the sand sat a bar with no bartender in sight: a self-service honor bar. It was bizarre—just this bar on a deserted beach chock-full of beer and no one around for miles. Madison’s father jumped behind the bar and served everybody ice-cold Coronas. After being in the sun all day without lunch, those beers tasted unbelievably refreshing. We threw some money in the bar’s payment box and sat together on the beach, just taking it all in. Right before sunset, we launched our kites and coasted home. To this day, the beers on that beach made some of the best memories I’ll ever have on the water, and were by far the best drinks I’ve had in my life.

Matt Myers is the co-owner of Broneah Kiteboarding, which provides kiteboarding lessons on Lake Michigan and in Puerto Rico.



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