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Four must-have Oktoberfest apps

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The 180th Oktoberfest officially kicked off this past weekend, and over the next few weeks thousands of beer hounds will flock to Munich to take part in the insanity. If you’re one of them, download these four essential smartphone apps before you get on your fest-bound flight.

Datenwerk GmbH
This extremely handy app has a little bit of everything rolled into one easy-to-use platform. The best part? A section that gives you the low-down on every tent, with information that spans history, live music, food, beer served and whether or not the tent is currently open. The app also includes Oktoberfest headline news, weather, a beer counter and a blood alcohol estimator. Not to mention, a live webcam—but who needs that if you’re actually there?
Price: Free

Talk Oktoberfest
There are a crazy amount of phrase books, translators and language apps available to help you get around Oktoberfest, but the reason I like this particular app boils down to two things: Flirting and swearing. The app has all the typical phrases with audio examples (“I would like to have a beer” and “May we sit over there?”) but it also offers sections for flirting (take your chances on the blunt “Would you like to have sex?” or opt for the seductive “Do you like my lederhosen?”) and swearing (“Bullshit” and “Damn it” being a few choice phrases).
Price: $1.99

Beer Songs
If swearing and flirting didn’t win you any local friends, study up with this Beer Songs app to incite chorus rounds of famous traditional German drinking songs. The app includes audio (though the singers are off-tune) of nine boozy tunes including “Bier her,” a song that demands beer or you’ll fall down. Fun fact: My ninth-grade German teacher taught it to my class. Keep in mind, this one’s chancy: You’ll either be embraced by thousands or laughed out of the tent for being lame.
Price: $1.99

Munich: Travel Guide
eTips LTD
To he honest, I haven’t downloaded this one simply because it really only works when you’re in Munich. But, it looks great and well worth chancing three bucks. This travel guide provides offline local information (essential for avoiding data charges) on everything from budget hotels, restaurants, beer halls (a must) and metro map. So after you exit the Oktoberfest tent, whip this thing out and stumble your way to the nearest watering hole. Bonus: Augmented reality capability, so you’ll always know if there’s cool stuff to check out around you.
Price: $2.99


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