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Ultra runners are crazy. They also know how to get the most out of life.

When he ran coast to coast, Patrick Sweeney subsisted on a diet that included potato chips and beer. “I know potato chips aren’t the healthiest, but the beer worked great,” he said. “I wasn’t drinking it to get drunk. It was just a nice thing to look forward to at lunch time.”

Jim Kerse likes to down a beer five miles before he hits the finish line in 100-mile races. “My body gets sick of the sweet stuff and the beer gives me a lift and takes the pain away,” he said.

Jesse Weber filmed himself running through the Antelope Canyon for the 50-mile race, including his mid-race beer break. “I’m making an instructional video about how to not run a marathon,” he said in a video of the race on YouTube, which racked up more than 115,000 views.

Those are just a few examples. Ultra runners consume calories like a furnace, and beer happens to be a subsistence of choice.

You don’t have to complete 100 mile races to taste the lifestyle of an ultra runner. Running longer than you think is possible for your body right now gives you that ability to enjoy some extra beer without any guilt.

You can model yourself after Karl Meltzer, who in 2016 broke the record for fastest completion of the Appalachian Trail. How did he celebrate? The same way he finished every night on the trail.

“He walked down the mountain, sat in a chair and sated himself with pepperoni pizza and a beer,” The New York Times reported.

The 48-year-old former bartender finished the 2,190-mile trail in just under 46 days, which shaved about 10 hours off the previous record set by Scott Jurek.

Meltzer averaged 50 miles and 15 hours of running each day, which entitled him to the one or two beers he finished at the end of each leg.

Week 8 #BeerFit CHALLENGE.

Maybe you don’t have a 50-miler in you. But try going 5 miles longer than your normal run. You’ll earn yourself an extra beer or two.

Post photos on Instagram and Twitter and caption your distance with the hashtag #BeerFit


I write about beer and running for @DRAFTMag. I ran and drank beer every day for 3 years.


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