Last year, I literally almost ran into Goose Island innovation brewer Tim Faith at the Chicago Marathon.

Faith crossed the finish line in a fitting 3 hours and 12  minutes while wearing bib number 312. Goose Island is a sponsor of the marathon, and Faith hoisted a can of his employer’s 312 Urban Wheat Ale for the photos seconds after he crossed the finish line.

Prior to joining Goose Island two years ago, Faith worked for and was sponsored by New Holland Brewing in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Faith promised (and delivered) top 3 finishes in his races in exchange for New Holland providing race gear and taking care of the entry fees.

“I think my greatest accomplishments are quite recent with a 1:12 half marathon in both Grand Rapids and Holland this fall,” he said in a 2013 Q&A for this blog. “I think that’s an indisputable reflection that the beer is working.”

With the Chicago Marathon coming up this weekend, Faith stars in a new video from Lakeshore Beverage about his journey as an avid runner and a brewer.

“The craft beer community is very accepting of people’s hobbies, and there are characters and personalities,” he says. “So here with Goose Island, it’s been cool to help cultivate the culture to open the doors to more people and have more runners.”

Watch the full video here.


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