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I admit, there’s a reoccurring theme on this blog (hints, here and here). That said, let’s swiftly move forward, we’ve all got plenty to do on this hectic post-holiday Tuesday.

You may have seen his work in McSweeny’s or Drawn & Quarterly, but for those who don’t know Ron Regé, Jr.—here’s another hint, he draws for a living—there’s never been a more appropriate introduction for this crowd. Since the mid-90s, Regé’s put out a comic mini-series called “Yeast Hoist,” and recently he merged the name with the beverage, teaming up with Belgium’s Brouwerij Sterkens to create a limited edition batch of St. Sebastiaan Golden Ale. With his artwork adorning the ceramic bottle and a new mini-comic, “Kept in Balance by Equal Weights,” tied around the neck, this is the merging of two beautiful worlds.

But what about the comic world? What comic book artists would I most like to drink with? Easy.

1. Robert Crumb
2. Harvey Pekar
3. Frank Miller
4. Stan Lee

(Obviously, some of these require a time machine. Appropriate, considering the topic).

What say you? Best/worst comic book creators or characters to throw a few back with? Plastic Man would be a trip.



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