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How to carve a pumpkin keg

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The best reason to serve beer out of a pumpkin: Because you can.


a pumpkin, a sharp knife, a large spoon, and a metal or plastic spigot (get ours at Kegworks.com)


1. Carve a lid out of a large pumpkin. Clean out the cavity, removing all the seeds and most of the pulp.

2. Select a spot low on the pumpkin for the spigot, then use a marker to trace the spigot’s shank onto the pumpkin. Use a very fine knife to carve out the hole slightly smaller than the circle, keeping the cut as clean as possible. Pop in the shank and screw on the nut. (If your pumpkin’s too thick, thin the pumpkin wall from the inside until the shaft fits.) Screw on the faucet and handle.

3. Pour beer into the pumpkin, replace the lid, and pour.


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