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How to start a beer cellar

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Whether you’re ready for big-time construction or just have a spare cabinet, here’s how to make the most of a burgeoning beer cellar:

1. Stay cool: A cooler cellar temperature is best (between 50 and 60 degrees F), but it’s most important the temperature not fluctuate.

2. Lights out: Light adversely affects beer chemistry; keep your bottles in the dark.

3. Go big: The higher the alcohol, the longer a beer will last; start by cellaring anything above 8.0% ABV.

4. Skip hops: Don’t waste space in your cellar with hop bombs; hop flavors tend to get stale and fade.

5. Drink and repeat: There’s no hard-and-fast science to cellaring, so whenever possible, get multiple bottles of beers you like and taste them annually to see how the flavors develop.



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