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Infinium: The Champagne of Beer?

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We’re still a long shot from the holidays, but we’re never lacking of things to celebrate: Football season’s back, the kids are at school during the day, GABF is just around the corner, Conan’s return to television is nigh. Beautiful, beautiful September. Tonight in celebration of August’s demise I’m uncorking a bottle of Infinium, the newest collaboration between Boston Beer Co. and Germany’s Weihenstephan Brewery.

Sure, it’s technically not on shelves until November, so consider this a head’s up to all of you when it’s time to score a bottle of bubbly. The two breweries teamed up over the past two years to develop this champagnelike brew—within the confines of the Reinheitsgebot, of course—so we’d have something other than grapes to toast with during the holidays. The result? This gorgeously bright, pale golden brew sports tiny white bubbles with an intriguing aroma not quite beer, and not quite champagne: Grainy sweetness and a dash of white sugar blend with soft fruity scents and just a faint spice kick. This effervescent brew lands on the tongue with a dose of sugary sweet malts, balanced by a flash of sharp, citrusy hops in the back. While not overtly winelike, a white grape character hides out deep beneath the crisp malts, lending the impression of champagne. With a dry finish, courtesy of its 10.3% ABV, Infinium’s a palate pleaser worth popping. Keep an eye out for this one come November. The holidays are always big for booze, and Infinium’s only available in limited quantities throughout the country.



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