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Join the club

At the end of every social run, the Fishtown Beer Runners raise their glasses for their ritual toast.

“To the professor!”

With that, the Philadelphia running group honors a Spanish researcher whose study found that beer is a better post-run refreshment than water.

It’s nice to have science on your side for what you love.

The Fishtown Beer Runners have 3,400+ Facebook members and even has its own documentary. And they are just one of many clubs around the country for fans of beer and running.

It started with the Hash House Harriers, a “drinking group with a running problem.” Today you can find the Hashers worldwide, and beer and running groups are exploding everywhere.

Other popular beer and running groups include Mikkeller Running Club, Big Boss Run Club, Running for Brews, Sloppy Moose Running Club, RunTOBeer, the East Bay Beer Runners and too many more to list here.

I’ve run and grabbed a beer or three with beer runner clubs from Denver to Boston, and heard of countless more. You can go into just about any major city in the country and find a social group (or several) sponsored by a running store, a pub or both.

And running, just like drinking, is more fun when you’re with a group.


Week 5 #BeerFit CHALLENGE.

Join the club! Check with your local running stores, craft breweries or bars to finding a drinking group with a running problem, as the Hash House Harriers call it.

Post your group on Instagram and Twitter with the hashtag #BeerFit


I write about beer and running for @DRAFTMag. I ran and drank beer every day for 3 years.


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