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Make a better gin and tonic

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The classic cocktail gets a crafty boost. Trust us: You’ve never sipped anything like it.

THE GIN: Peach Street—the spirits spinoff of SKA Brewing—steeps Jackelope Gin ($33) with hand-picked juniper and seven other botanicals for a soft, foresty dram.

THE TONIC: Skip the bottled stuff: Mix small-batch, concentrated Tomr’s Tonic ($12, a blend of cane sugar, Cinchona bark and organic herbs and spices) with seltzer for the real thing. Honestly, we’ll never use cheap-o tonic again!

THE DRINK: Stir up 1 ounce tonic, 2 ounces gin and 3 ounces seltzer. It’s superbly herbal with a citrus flash, and so silky-smooth it’s dangerous.


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