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Milwaukee sets beer mile record

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Photo via Patrick Bieser and Milwaukee Running Group

The number to beat is 26.

That’s the amount of runners who unofficially established a world record yesterday for total number of people who completed the beer mile at one time.

The challenge marked the first ever public event run by the Milwaukee Running Group. In addition to emptying more than 100 beers in ~20 minutes, the event raised money for the Chasing Chad organization funding Brain Cancer Research.

About 50 people in all came out to run or watch and cheer, including a family that brought a picnic blanket and wine to spectate in style.

“The event was true to our mission of promoting running and having fun, to which we can now add fund raising to make our community a better place,” wrote organizer Patrick Bieser in the club’s Facebook group. 

The run took place along a measured 400-meter loop in Estabrook Park in Shorewood, Wisconsin. Some may take issue with the fact that it wasn’t held on a standard track, but it’s also more legally sound for a few dozen people to drink in a park’s picnic area than on school grounds.

I completed my fifth beer mile with yesterday’s run, finishing in 7:28. I forgot how weird it is to finish a race feeling fine, only to have the waves of nausea, fatigue and pain wash over you about five or 10 minutes after you’re done running.

There are no other groups that have immediately declared plans to break the record, but the Flo Track Beer Mile World Championships in December has a good chance at raising the bar. More info about that race can be found here.


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  • 4/7 HHHH says:

    “There are no other groups that have immediately declared plans to break the record…”

    Consider this a declaration of such.

  • Lou says:

    Im pretty sure 26 is not even close to the beer mile record. I’ve personally seen a bigger group finish this event two years in a row. Contact me for details if you’d like. Cheers!

  • DC hasher says:

    Every year, for at least ten years, the hash house Harriers in DC put this on. We average 30-40 runners. This year we had 37.

  • B4B says:

    Sorry, but even close. The DC area holds an annual event the routinely crushes that number.

  • Usdave says:

    Don’t know what you count for your rules/format, but the Unsponsored Beermile of Bisbee 2014 had 29 registered participants with 3 DNF (did not finish). And we weren’t even aware of a so called record.

  • Denis Borodin says:

    I shared your Facebook link and got this response: Dave Pineda — we had 29 signed up and 3 DNF in august. 4 hrs · Like

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