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New Holland Carhartt Woodsman

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Carhartt Woodsman

Your Daily Pint for Wednesday, Oct. 1, 2014: NEW HOLLAND CARHARTT WOODSMAN

What it is: A 4.4%-ABV oak-aged pale ale.

What it tastes like: Gorgeous Michigan-grown Cascade hops give the beer an awesome citrus burst in the aroma; the fruit carries through to the sip, where the citrus tones veer toward floral and connect with similar floral notes from the wood. It’s hoppy to be sure, but oak-aging’s smoothed out the swallow nicely.

Happy birthday!: The beer celebrates the 125th anniversary of work clothier Carhartt.

How to drink it: From bottles, which are fine and all, but it’d be better to sip it at the Great American Beer Fest, which opens in Denver tomorrow: New Holland’s pouring Woodsman and seven other beers, including Dragon’s Milk stout.



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