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New must-try Baird beers coming your way!

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That photo above is the stunning view from the new Baird Brewing facility in Japan, “A back-to-nature farm-type brewery on a lovely three hectare parcel of property in the Shuzenji area of Izu city, right on the banks of the same Kano river that runs past our current Numazu facility, where it empties into the Suruga bay,” describes the website. I really, really want to go there and stand on the rooftop deck with a beer in hand.

But, a trip across the Pacific isn’t in my near future, so I’ll have to seek consolation in some of the new, amazing-sounding beers the brewery’s sending Stateside.

Back in June, Baird (run by Bryan Baird, an American ex-pat who opened up shop with his wife Sayuri in 2001) put the finishing touches on its brand new facility, upping its potential output to about the same as Kiuchi Brewery, which you might know from its line of Hitachino Nest beers. That means greater distribution to the United States, and a larger portfolio coming our way.

The first new offerings to hit the States were the summer arrivals Teikoku IPA, brewed with red cane sugar and rock candy; and Numazu Lager, a lager crafted with five different malt varieties. Next up, slated for a mid-October arrival, will be Wabi-Sabi, a pale ale brewed with green tea and wasabi.

Along with the new facility, Baird also grew an orchard, from which it hopes to source all the ingredients for its line of produce-spiked beers: Beers like Fruitful Life Citrus IPA, made with tart, spicy daidai fruit; as well as beers brewed with yuzu citrus and other local bounty. The arrival dates for those are still TBD, but you can certainly expect a post here once they arrive.


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