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Odd Side Ales Black Citra

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Your Daily Pint for Friday, February 7, 2014: ODD SIDE ALES BLACK CITRA

What it is: A not-so-pale ale (aka, black pale) from Michigan

What it tastes like: This beer warrants the 40,000-foot overview: what it looks like, then what it smells like, then what it tastes like. If you saw a pint with its black-brown hue and creamy tan head, you’d probably think you’re about to dive into a malty brown ale. But one whiff, with that fresh grapefruit and earthy moss scent, you’d guess you’ve got a pale on your hands. The taste splits the difference: Hops kick it off, with lovely grapefruit and grassy hops that then melt into malt, a little caramel and deep roast in the back for a complete package, totally balanced black pale ale. It’s an accomplishment of brewing that makes this an easy, and not overtly odd, beer to appreciate.

Why you should drink it now: It’s Friday night, and a beer like this, with fresh hop happiness and a little mysterious darkness is a perfect date-night drink. Or just the perfect date, in a drink.

A little about Odd Side: In a nutshell, it’s a brewery that “strives to craft unusual beers that will make your taste buds dance.” So let’s have an unusual dance party, shall we?

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