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Your Daily Pint for Friday, May 9, 2014, is: ODELL FOOTPRINT REGIONALE

What it is: A 9.5%-ABV specialty beer.

What it tastes like: It’s a thinking beer: The brew’s loaded with special ingredients, but the ultracreamy, totally cohesive, and somehow still thin sip doesn’t let any one addition stand out. Get your bearings with a few sips, then dig in and find that grapefruit-and-prickly-pear juiciness, chili crispness (but no heat!), and floral oak. A hum of alcohol heat wraps up the package.

The idea: Fort Collins-based Odell distributes its liquid gold to 11 states—what the beer biz calls its “distribution footprint.” An ode to the states that sell Odell, the beer comprises at least one ingredient from each state. Last time the brewery made a Footprint, 10 states were represented; Odell added Texas to its distribution this year.

And they are: Hops and barley from Colorado and Idaho, prickly pear from Arizona, wheat from Wyoming and Kansas, more barley and honey from South Dakota, wild rice from Minnesota, corn from Nebraska, green chilies from New Mexico, grapefruit from Texas, and oak barrels (for aging) from Missouri.



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