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Out now: Shock Top End of World Midnight Wheat

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It’s been a long build-up and, today, Shock Top End of the World Midnight Wheat finally hits the shelves—adding to the growing number of 2012 apocalypse-themed releases. Definitely one of the most adventurous offerings from the AB-InBev line, this dark wheat beer’s brewed with midnight wheat (a bitterless black malt), chocolate malts and chilies.

Normally, I don’t fall too hard for chili beers because so many of them deliver a bit too much burn in the back of the throat. This one, however, kind of nails the level I like. Midnight Wheat kicks off with a pretty smooth dose of caramel, and then segues into touches of chocolate with light fruit sweetness. In the back, really subtle hints of chili (I mean, really subtle) flare, giving more an impression of earthy heat than an actual burn. The entire package is extremely quaffable, smooth and wraps up with a clean, wheat bite. It’s an interesting release for sure, and definitely worthy seeking out.

What do you think of Shock Top End of World Midnight Wheat?

UPDATE: Check out this time lapse video of artist Stan Herd creating some End of World Midnight Wheat crop art near Denver International Airport. Read the Q&A with Herd over at Denver Westword.


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