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Pairing: beer & a Southern spread

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Ed Rudolph for DRAFT

Ed Rudolph for DRAFT

Fixin’ to chow down a Southern-style supper? Skip the sweet tea and bring the beer.

fried chicken + chile ale
Fried chicken goes well with so many styles (from snappy pilsners to sweet Scotch ales), but with a bold chile beer it’s next-level delicious: Select a pint that has a solid malt base to connect with meat sweetness; the chile flavor is like a seasoning on the drumstick, while the beer’s heat deftly slices through the grease. (Can’t imagine fried chicken without waffles? Try a maple bacon porter!)

mac and cheese + brown ale
These two classics are irresistible together: The malt sweetness of a brown ale glides over the tongue while gooey, cheddar pours through the center; the beer’s toast brings darker tones to the palate for a full, velvety pair.

collard greens + saison
Collards are meaty and buttery with a distinct  earthy, vegetal taste. A vibrant saison beams sunny lemon sweetness that lifts the bite, while pepper and carbonation add some zip to the heavy dish.

cornbread + cream ale
The “corn”erstone of this pairing is unmistakable: A cream ale’s corny notes easily finds the cornbread’s kindred sweetness for a full, fresh flavor. The textures also work in tandem, as the dry and crumbly bread meets the crisp
beer for a superclean finish.

sweet potato pie + doppelbock
Sweet potato pie is incredibly sugary and a touch earthy; a well-constructed doppelbock upsurges the flavor with caramel, toffee and dark fruit. The beer’s fuller body holds its own with the thick,moussey bite, while elevated alcohol adds just a bit of warmth to the finish.

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