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Pairing beer and noodle bowls

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Photo by Ed Rudolph | Styling by Elizabeth Normoyle

Photo by Ed Rudolph | Styling by Elizabeth Normoyle

Pork Udon & Brown Ale
This bowl’s earthy, mushroom-flavored broth seamlessly integrates the brown ale’s nutty and toasted notes. Softness pervades throughout: The warm, full soup and the beer’s creamy body mesh beautifully.

Lo Mein & Strong Bitter
Soy sauce and sesame are to credit for this bowl’s salty, buttery goodness. Seek an ESB with a kindred buttery wisp; the sip’s nutty tones will underscore the bite, and its firm bitterness quickly cleanses the palate.

Pad Thai & IPA
Peanuts, lime juice and egg give this dish its signature taste. A classic IPA boosts the remaining flavors with resinous pine drawing out the vegetables and grapefruit pith that plays off the dish’s tang. The beer’s crisp bitterness deftly sweeps up the rich bite.

Chicken Vegetable Pho & California Common
The fragrant Vietnamese dish’s lime and mint highlight the rich, salty soup. A California common’s woody and minty hops effortlessly weave through the spice, while its soft, sweet malts marry with the broth for a simple, well-balanced pairing.

Spicy Beef Ramen & Chile Beer
Whether it’s out of a box or from your favorite noodle haunt, this bowl is all about the heat. Seek out a chile beer with enough malt to play up the noodles, but a snap of peppery fire that mingles with the spice for an augmented taste experience.



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