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Pairs: Beer & Pizza

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Got a stocked beer fridge and a pizza on the way? Here’s what to pair with your pie.

Domino’s Hawaiian Feast Pizza & Steamworks Steam Engine Lager

The clean, smooth Steamworks Steam Engine Lager has a malty sweetness that complements this pizza’s pineapple. And because the Canadian bacon isn’t too spicy, the beer’s mild flavors aren’t overwhelmed. ALSO TRY: Shiner Bock, Negra Modelo


Pizza Hut’s Meat Lover’s Pan Pizza & Sierra Nevada Brown Ale

The pepperoni’s spiciness pairs perfectly with this beer’s perky hops. The beer’s creamy caramel malt stands up to the meats’ charred flavors, and the smooth carbonation washes down the sauce’s acidity. ALSO TRY: Pete’s Wicked Ale, Big Sky Moose Drool


Papa John’s The Works Pizza & Bass

Bass isn’t the obvious choice here, but it’s ideal for a pizza with everything on it. English hops’ moderate bitterness balance out the pizza’s peppers, pepperoni and sausage; the cured ham pairs well with the beer’s sweeter malts; and the rest of the vegetables, while flavorful, don’t overpower the brew. ALSO TRY: Redhook ESB, Avery 14’er ESB, MacTarnahan’s Amber Ale


Old Chicago’s Double Deckeroni Pizza & Deschutes Mirror Pond Pale Ale

American pale best fits a double dose of pepperoni: The meat’s spiciness and sauce bounce off the ale’s intense hoppiness. The beer picks up the fiery flavors of the tomato sauce, while the malt highlights the interplay between cheese and meat. ALSO TRY: Flying Dog’s Doggie Style Classic Pale Ale, Sweetwater 420 Extra Pale Ale


California Pizza Kitchen’s Original Barbeque Chicken Pizza & Stone Smoked Porter

Porters’ strong flavors can muscle through barbecue sauce’s bold flavors, and their roasted malts echo the smoky meat. ALSO TRY: Alaskan Smoked Porter, Fuller’s London Porter, Yuengling Dark Brewed Porter



Could You Be a Beer Judge?

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a beer judge? I mean, how cool does it sound to drink beer all day, chat about it and fill out a short form? Seems pretty easy and fun, right? Well, being a beer judge isn’t really as simple as all of that. Read-on and I’ll tell you all about what its like to be a beer judge for a day.

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The Haunted Brewery Tour

Just in time for the season, Cincinnati’s own Brewery District has teamed up with Cincinnati Landmark Productions, Cincinnati Escape Room and Christian Moerlein to put on a production that combines history with mystery and an interactive puzzle that you’ll need to solve.

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