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Pairs: Beer & sandwiches

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We pair two American pastimes: Stuffing food between two slices of bread and drinking beer.


Peanut Butter and Jelly & Sierra Nevada Porter

A porter’s roasty dark malts are a perfect match for rich peanut butter, while the beer’s effervescence washes the gooeyness from your teeth. The sweet grape jelly contrasts the porter’s chocolate notes, creating a truly grown-up snack experience.


Philly Cheesesteak & Avery India Pale Ale

The heavy flavor combo of griddled beef, provolone and fried onions calls for a crisp, hoppy IPA like Avery’s. The beer’s lightly toasted malts embrace the meat and onion sweetness, while its hop finish slices through the melted cheese to cleanse the palate.


Turkey Club & Anchor Steam

An easy-drinking beer like Anchor Steam is a smart choice alongside this tower of toast, turkey, bacon, avocado, cheese and mayo: The beer’s malt sweetness recalls the roasted flavors in the bread and roasted turkey, while the light hop character washes down the avocado and mayonnaise and tames the salty bacon.


Meatball Sandwich & Saison Dupont

Biting into a meatball sandwich is a multifaceted pleasure: The meatballs’ meaty flavor and firm texture combine with tangy tomato sauce and the roll’s delicate grain flavors for one hearty bite. A saison’s light citrus esters draw out herbal accents in the meatballs and sauce; it’s carbonation and the slightly dry hop finish rinse your mouth clean.


Grilled cheese & Trumer Pils

If you’re gorging on the classic grilled cheese sandwich with mild cheddar, then Trumer’s Austrian-style pilsner is a perfect feel-good pairing. The beer’s biscuit flavor brings out the grain notes of the buttery, toasted bread, and the Saaz hops complement the cheese’s nutty characteristic. If you choose a more assertive variety of cheese, do the same with your beer.



Could You Be a Beer Judge?

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a beer judge? I mean, how cool does it sound to drink beer all day, chat about it and fill out a short form? Seems pretty easy and fun, right? Well, being a beer judge isn’t really as simple as all of that. Read-on and I’ll tell you all about what its like to be a beer judge for a day.

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The Haunted Brewery Tour

Just in time for the season, Cincinnati’s own Brewery District has teamed up with Cincinnati Landmark Productions, Cincinnati Escape Room and Christian Moerlein to put on a production that combines history with mystery and an interactive puzzle that you’ll need to solve.

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