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Pairs: Food from the fair

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The greatest tastes of summer reside between the Ferris wheel and the Tilt-A-Whirl: Here, we add a canned craft brew for the ride.

Corn Dog & New Belgium Shift

This sunny seasonal, simply called a pale lager, is refreshingly dry and bitter: It deftly cuts through the breading’s corny sweetness and lets the smoky meat emerge.

Cotton Candy & Crispin Classic English Dry Cider

Cotton candy and cider together are teeth-twingingly sweet, but the cider’s apple flavors add some weight to the tongue and the swift carbonation cleans up the sugarfest.

Mini Donuts & Sun King Wee Mac Scottish-Style Ale

Fresh-from-the-vendor mini donuts melt in your mouth; a Scotch ale’s caramel echoes the sweet dough, while touches of peat and smoke connect with the donut’s warm, oily crust.

Caramel Apple & Avery White Rascal

This white ale elicits kindred tartness in a Granny Smith apple; to temper the pucker, the caramel’s smooth, earthy sweetness grounds the taste and allows Belgian spice to sparkle.

Corn on the Cob & Narragansett Summer Ale

Together, sweet, buttery corn on the cob and this pale ale’s grainy malts taste like summer on the farm. A juicy passionfruit note brightens up the swallow, while the gently bitter finish leaves only a touch of butter and salt behind.




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