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A savory plate of Creole shrimp for one that comes together in minutes with the help of an amber ale.

Beer-soaked steak, straight from the firehouse.


Honey- and truffle oil-drizzled cheese bites that come together super-quick.

Milwaukee-inspired chicken strips with a dose of Blatz.

A Chicago chef serves these beer-soaked veggies alongside award-winning ’cue.

Bayou Teche brewer and certified Cajun Karlos Knott whips up his own beer-infused, Cajun-style mustard.

Salty, roasted cauliflower florets are an easy (and healthy!) popcorn alternative.

Crunchy, beer-battered sage leaves make elevated (but easy!) bar snacks and lend texture to salads and pasta.

Succulent clams in a garlic-Yuengling broth.

German pancakes with French farmhouse ale funk.

A stout teams with honey, chili and cilantro in this version of barbecued shrimp.

Have a swig of leftover Juniper Pale Ale? Make gravlax, the dish that transforms a couple of slabs of salmon into silky, buttery succulence.

A simple, IPA-infused coleslaw that’s perfect for picnics.

Juniper beer adds an herbal note to this easy dipping sauce.

A NOLA-style andouille-okra casserole baked with local beer.

Actor David Boreanaz's mom, Patti, shares her recipe for beer-infused barbecue kielbasa, a favorite of her son’s.

A quick and summery chile-lime beer treat.

Cookbook author Jon Schlimm and chef Phil Klinkenberg divulge the easy recipe for the peel-and-eat shrimp at Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville.

Super-simple grilled pheasant echoes barbecue with a brown ale marinade.

A college campus favorite, this super-drinkable blend puts the “punch” in punch.

A porter adds depth to creamy onion dip.

Sapporo and lemongrass give steamed mussels Asian flavor.

A smoldering, malty smoke ale is the secret to this luscious barbecue sauce.

Slow-cooked in a hefeweizen, this jalapeno-rubbed pork is sweet, spicy and totally tender.

Pro tailgater Jeff Dockeray's favorite recipe is this pan-grilled shrimp in pale ale sauce.

A beer in the brine makes this corned beef totally sandwich-worthy.

A tropical fruit cocktail that mixes mango and pomegranate with pilsner.

Japanese ingredients and stout marry in this Asian dipping sauce

A beer- and cheese-infused bread that’s an ideal base for BLTs.

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