Latest recipes tagged summer

This beautiful flatbread looks impressive, but is dead simple to make.

Don’t be afraid of ceviche. Sure, the first time you “cook” fish in citrus, you might be a little skeptical, but soon you’ll be hooked by how easy it is to make a summer meal without heat.

This sauce is delicious on practically everything— try it with grilled meat, stir a spoonful into tuna salad or tuck some into a grilled cheese. It holds nicely for a week in the fridge.

Serve these meatballs alone, or sandwich them in slider buns with pickled onions and melted cheddar cheese.

A malty dunkel complements sweet pineapple juice and salty soy sauce in this teriyaki marinade. You could swap cubes of steak for the chicken and adjust the cooking time for your desired doneness.

Pickled shrimp are a Southern staple: Serve these tasty morsels in a glass jar or bowl with saltines, or skewer a few to garnish a Bloody Mary.

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