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Hitachino Nest White Ale


Hitachino Nest beers have only been available Stateside for eight years, but it didn't take long for Kiuchi's collection to make a lasting impresssion on American palates. White Ale is a delicate brew, pouring very pale, hazy gold with a soft, white crown. The aroma exhibits the brew's generous use of wheat with a sharp tart scent peppered with hints of coriander. A cinnamon twang hits the nose late. The taste kicks off with light, wheaty tartness that's also a touch grainy, before bright orange peel flavors emerge. Herbal notes from the coriander mask any hop presence that might exist. This light-bodied brew is highly carbonated with very little alcohol and a dry finish. Forget any stereotypes you have about Japanese beer: Hatachino Nest White Ale does everything right.


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