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Rye Like An Eagle


This imperial brown ale aged in rye whiskey barrels insists on slow, mindful sipping: With each return, you’ll invariably unearth new flavors and aromas. The bouquet seduces with plumes of chocolate, vanilla and coconut; a snip of biting alcohol and barrel char emanate on the aroma’s fringes. Gorgeous chocolate inaugurates the sip, enveloping plum, raisin and prune in a rich swath across the tongue. Peanut shell and smooth vanilla dawn in the center; the complexity grows as toffee, toasted pecan and marshmallow rise through the velvety body, and boozy whiskey nips at the sides. The sweetness eases toward the finish, acquiescing to woody barrel tones and deceptively smooth but warming alcohol. It’s an elegantly balanced and absolutely delicious sip.


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