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Kells Irish Style Lager


One of the more interesting looking beers we've poured in this issue, this brew retains a soft white-orange color and a sizeable but weak white head. Though not the most attractive Irish beer, this lager is certainly one of the most refreshing. It's made primarily with European malts -- the most evident feature of both the aroma and the flavor. The simple nose is somewhat sweet, but the mouth of this beer is what makes it shine. The bread and toffee flavors and just the slightest hint of hops are also great. This beer is more robust and fruity than most lagers but not as filling as many ales. Kells isn't as shockingly good as some of Rogue's other brews, but it's well-made and is as solid a session beer as you can find (if you can call a beer with 5.2% ABV a session beer).


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